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KOF considers Events the Life of tradition. It is one of the few gatherings people who share common cultural interests can come together and share educating conversations. Yoruba Tribe makes a good use of this occassion as they hold parties which is a type of event at any point they have the priviledge and resources to.

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The Home of Delicious African Meals.
The Home of Delicious African Meals.
All, Food
January 05, 2023

African cuisine is filled with a wide variety of distinct, beautiful, stomach and taste buds-pleasing meals. KOF prides herself in the ability to provide satisfactory meals to the people who order or walk into the restaurant for meals.

Our customized menu conveys the range of meals available in the African foods cart, from delicious treats like Asun that can be eaten as appetizers or whole meals while resting or partying, to legendary meals like pounded yam, jollof rice, Amala, tested over time and buds proven as undisputed Kings of all events and stomach at any time.

Asun is a delicacy made from mixing finger-sized boiled goat meat in fried stew, and then allowing to steam for a while on low heat. It is tasty and satisfying to make and eat. This delicacy has made its appearance at several functions. Its versatility makes it a blend-in, which can be eaten at any occasion without worries. Also, it is cost-friendly to make.

Suya, while this meal is in the same family as Asun. It has been said that nighttime is an important ingredient for Suya. It is sold in African countries at night, mostly by Hausa/Fulani people in Nigeria. It is usually rare to see anyone else selling it. Suya is bite-sized beef cuts marinated and cooked in naked fire. It is eaten with cabbage and onions, but can go well with any meal. It is the moist version of Kilishi.

Fish Pepper soup is one of the fastest soups to make. It is light, nutritious, and tasty. It is good for relaxation, but can be taken when one is sick and lacks appetite. It is a three-step meal made with any fish of one’s choice and ingredients. One can eat it with rice, eba, or any meal of choice. It is commonly made with catfish, but due to varying tastes, people have experimented with different fish types and vegetables.

Jollof rice is a world renowned celebrity dish. It is the one meal that binds Africans better than love. It is an easy-to-make meal of tomatoes, spices, and of course rice. While the name varies from country to country, the ingredients and taste are forever the same. African food would never be complete without the addition of this worldwide dish. It is the official party dish that can be taken at any time, anywhere. An African is supposedly not African enough until he/she has eaten jollof rice.

Pounded yam is another blessing in the guise of an African meal. It is a yam dish made by pounding boiled yam into submission using Mortar and Pestle. It is mostly eaten with Egusi soup. It is the Chairman of African meals. It is heavy enough to fill the stomach, but light enough to ensure one can go on with their normal day without feeling lazy. It is mostly eaten at parties, and during special occasions, as it is a celebratory meal.

Amala is a yam meal made from peeled, dried, and grounded yam referred to as Elubo. There are two different colors of Elubo, white and black. They are both used to make Amala, but the black Amala, otherwise known as Amala Dudu, is the commonly eaten one. There are three types of flour material for Amala, plantain, cassava, and yam. The Yam one is the commonly eaten one. It is commonly eaten with soups like Ewedu, Efo, Gbegiri. In places like Ibadan, which is supposedly the home of Amala, it is eaten with gbegiri and ewedu.

Eba is a solid meal made from Cassava flour. It can be eaten in its original form as Garri or made into Eba by mixing it with hot water and stirring. This delicacy is from Nigeria. There are two types/colors of Garri. There is the white and the yellow gotten from mixing the flour with palm wine while processing it. It is mostly eaten with Efo, but it pairs well with any soup. It is said that some people also prefer eating it cold, a day after making it.

Egusi is a tasty versatile soup made with grounded Egusi seeds, pepper, seasonings, and vegetables. Bitter leaf is the vegetable mixed in it most times. It pairs well and brings out the taste of the egusi. It is mostly eaten with pounded yam, eba, and rice, among other things, but can also stand on its own as a type of food under African Meals.

Efo Riro can be translated as “mixed greens”. The dish is related to Afang soup of Efik origin. Efo Riro is prepared with tatashi, spinach, and local condiments. Also, there is a blend of smoked fish or meat stock. The soup can provide you with some health benefits. Efo Riro is rich in vitamins. You definitely should try this soup.

Ayamase is the official designer of African stew. It is made with green peppers and onion. The beauty of this stew is the presence of different nutrient sources. It is mostly made with dried beef, pomo, fried fish, boiled egg, locust bean all fused together to make a rich stew. It is specifically made for Ofada rice, but pairs well with any form of rice or meals one wants to eat with it. It can also be eaten alone.

Grilled Fish is a meal made from Grilling marinated Tilapia fish. it is an easy-to-make delicacy that is mostly paired with lettuce and tomatoes but can be paired with any food one desires as it is just succulent and spicy fish.

These meals and more are available for consumption in top-notch quality at affordable rates at Our Restaurant. We offer delivery services for anyone who might not be able to make it to our restaurant to enjoy this delicacy. You can purchase delicious African Meals of your choice for personal consumption and events held from our platform.

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