Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

Where are you located?

We are located at 4869 Glenn Dale Rd, Bowie MD 20720.

What food is available?

Please, head on to our website to place your order or call us: 301-383-0351.

When do you open?

We are open from 12 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

You can contact us through our call line or Whatsapp while we are open.

How can I place an order?

Go to our catering page to place your order or call us: 301-383-0351.

How long will it take for my food to arrive?

Your order will be ready for pickup in 30-45minutes.

Do you offer catering services?

Yes, we do take catering services.

We take care of your catering needs while you relax with the assurance of tested and trusted and trusted quality service.

Who can I speak with to lodge a complaint about my order?

Please, feel free to speak to our Customer Service representative via Email or call us on 301-383-0351.

What do you serve?

We serve freshly made, Authentic African food with rich flavor and great taste that will satisfy your Nigerian food cravings.

How do I book the venue for an event?

To book the venue for an event, you’ll need to book half of the restaurant and that costs $1,250 which covers; Feeding, Drinks, and cleaning of the restaurant.

If you'll like to bring your own food along, you’ll have to show your license.

Please note that this booking allows for a maximum of 30 people.

Is the venue open for overnight events?

The restaurant is not open for overnight events.

How do I cancel an order/booking?

If preparations haven’t started, customers will get a refund.

How early do I have to book the venue for an event?

For customers that want to book the venue for an event, it’s advisable to book 1-2months before the event.

Do you take reservations?

Yes, we do take reservations.

Do you have Vegetarian, Vegan, or gluten-free options?

Our Menu options don’t yet cater to Vegetarians or Vegans.

We’ll work on incorporating this into our Menu options.

Are you Handicapped accessible? To Wheelchairs too?

Our current location is not handicapped accessible.

Can you accommodate groups of 15, 20, or 30 people?

Yes, we accommodate groups of people.

Our Maximum number is 30.

Do you have Kid’s Menu?

We don’t have a specific menu dedicated to children.

However, some of our Meals like; Jollof Rice, White Rice, Fried Rice, Moi-Moi,, and Amala are Children-friendly.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, there’s a parking lot nearby.

Are you open during the holidays?

Yes, we open during Holidays unless they fall on a Monday.

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Get early access and updates on our topnotch African foods


Get early access and updates on our topnotch African foods

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