KOF Bringing Amazing Events In Your Sphere

KOF considers Events the Life of tradition. It is one of the few gatherings people who share common cultural interests can come together and share educating conversations. Yoruba Tribe makes a good use of this occassion as they hold parties which is a type of event at any point they have the priviledge and resources to.

Dj: No 1 Source Of Good and Sensational Playlist.

Djs, often known as disk jockeys, are the life of the party. From carefully selected tracks from their boards, they execute jubilant shout outs. It’s been said that a party is never a party without the DJ. The DJ is solely responsible for music. He has extensive knowledge of which songs to play, when to play, and matches the energy of the event host or master of ceremony to ensure the party guests have a blast.

Over the years, KOFs has hosted celebrations to thank its patrons for their patronage, or to just improve the mood of those who have come to fill their bellies. This is done to create a festive atmosphere that encourages networking and a great sense of unity among people. The most important thing is love, because there can be nothing less than sincere gratitude in a space where there is wonderful food, entertainment, and good people.

Notable DJs like DJ X-one have blessed the ears and feet of customers by playing on different occasions.

Self-described gamer DJ X-one is a Black man living in the US. He is passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement. He is the official DJ for the Lagos Night in Bowie experience, which serves as a ritual gathering place for Maryland-based fans, and the Lagos flenjor. It takes place every Friday at KOFs.

He is also the official DJ for the exciting Dancing with the Stars event, which was a Nollywood invasion event attended by the likes of Regina Chuckwu, Lola Faduri, Temitope Solaja and Toyin Adewale (Nigerian Artist Mayorkun Mother) and Wale Adebayo as Special Guests.

He also played at the One Year Anniversary of the Opening of Kofs. His Facebook page is filled with images of his events and videos of his performances.

dj x-oneDj x-one KOF one year anniversary

His Instagram account serves more as a comprehensive portfolio of the stunning performances he gave at many significant events in people’s lives, particularly weddings. Numerous doors have been opened for him, and have remained open because of his broad range and proficiency in his field. He is connected to famous people both in Nigeria and outside. As long as his fees are paid, he is accessible for reservations and eager to travel wherever. His price range is within reach and affordable.

DJ Shoboy is another talented Wizard at the turntable. He has dazzled the customers at KOF time and time again with his spinning ability. He has played at events like Premium Liquor and many more.

dj shoboy

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